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Topic: Need presentation software recommendation for Windows
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I need to give a presentation via a computer projector that utilizes several video clips and a few static images. Instead of opening each clip in a media player, and then opening a photo, it would be nice to use something like PowerPoint to more seamlessly go from video to video to photo, etc... So far so good. PowerPoint can do this. The hang up is that I want to be able to go frame by frame through certain parts of these videos. PowerPoint will let me advance 0.25 seconds forwards or backwards, but I need finer control than that for some of this stuff. I have PowerPoint 2013. My questions are:Can PowerPoint do what I want with respect to going frame by frame through videos?If not, do I have any other options?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

Animated Explainer Video

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Why did you copy and paste this directly from another set with a date of 2013?
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