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Topic: Used Epson EMP-82
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Hi. I have the chance to buy for 50 bucks a used Epson EMP-82 projector apparently in great conditions, but I couldn't find many informations or reviews on the internet. I would use it for presentations and occasionally at home to watch some movies. Can someone tell me if it was a good product, when it came out, and if it had some problems or something I should be aware of? Thanks!
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It's a cheap, bottom of the line, entry level XGA projector.

The quick start guide...

...indicates that it only has analog inputs like VGA, S-video, and composite video.

It's not something I would ever purchase.

Likewise, it's another bottom of the line entry level business model which was, and still is, pervasive in the industry.

But, since you can't hook up HDMI to the projector, and you won't get support, and it is out of warranty, I would pass on this model that was discontinued and out of production over ten years ago.

Look, at the very least, for a model which has a DVI connection on it, preferably HDMI, then be ready for it to fail within a few months if it is outside of warranty.

If that's not acceptable to you, then perhaps consider saving some more money for something much newer.
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