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Topic: Ceiling distance zoom question and projector calculator
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I am currently remodeling a space to use for my first home theater. I am still in the beginning stages of the process (hanging drywall) and am planning this out.

My question relates to the distance from the screen to mount the projector. Length of the room is not really an issue (I have 24' to work with) my problem is with a ceiling fan. There is one located at about the 19' foot mark.

Using the calculator I get what is in the attached image. The calculator puts the distance of my planned setup at 16'10", which is way too close to the fan. However,in the calculator there is a light blue shaded area for zoom. If I move the projector closer to the front edge of the zoom area, I should clear the fan easily. Since the ceilings are just over 10' high, I may also explore the option of lowering the fan.

My question is actually two-fold I guess. Am I reading the calculator correctly? And if so, are there any negatives to moving the projector forward and using the zoom functions?


projector calculator

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The calculator defaults to the middle of the zoom range. If you move the slider that you circled, it changes the screen size. If you notice there is a slider in the top left as well. That is the one you can move that does not impact screen size.

So, if your goal is a 135" screen, you have a range between 13'8" to 21'10" that the projector may be mounted between.

That distance is LENS TO SCREEN.

I'm not a fan of ceiling fans in theaters, because they add noise and you absolutely may not have their cruddy lights on while the film is playing. If you are planning properly, you want to ensure you get lighting right in the space with at least one row of directional lighting over the seating area on dimmers. NOT LED LIGHTS! They don't actually get dim enough on dimmers.


I would also strongly recommend the UHD65 over the UHD60 as it adds a 6x color wheel and has much better contrast and color saturation.
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Thanks for the info and the reply! I did forget to mention that the fan is not the main source of light. I have 6 cannister ceiling lights for that (2 each on separate dimming switches). The fan will probably not be on during viewing, just when the room is used for other functions.

I wanted to make sure that I could move the projector forward without too much issue. Thanks again for the info! I will definitely look into the UHD65 as well!