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Topic: ASKPROXIMA C 175 sale ASAP
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Brand new with all accessories, never used. AskProxima c175 made by Texas Instruments, need to know where and how much to sale this for. I know brand new it was 1200.00 and replacement Parts for it are super expensive. Where can I sale this item at? What would be a reasonable price , never used before .



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It's a 10 year old XGA projector that is likely well out of service by the manufacturer. It at least has a digital connection, but the M1 adapter will cost someone a few bucks.

There is absolutely nothing special about this model and it fits into a long line of readily available XGA projectors on the market today which are well under $400 with a brand new lamp and a full product warranty.

I would think that anything more than $200 would be hoping for to much. Even then, that may be more than it is really worth.

The places to try are Craigslist and your local sale locations as well as eBay.
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