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Topic: 4k projector content?
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Hi, I have a 1080p projector now. The BenQ HT1075. Is there enough content out there to warrant upgrading to a 4K projector? I don't watch a lot of Netflix and i understand my local cable provider doesn't provide 4K material. Like, I'm wondering if the picture will be that much better or not with non 4K material?
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The projector, realistically, won't be any better, and may actually be worse.

4K offers additional color information that certain projectors take better advantage of than others. As the HT1075 was about a tenth generation 1080p projector, I think it would be a shame to dump it so early on in the life cycle of 4K. There not only isn't a lot of content, the manufacturers haven't managed to get on the same page in terms of making formats standardized or fully utilizing 18Gb/s HDMI 2.0 technologies.

This is very early to jump in if already have an existing projector that works well, and the UHD65 would definitely be the model to go with if you definitely were buying today and demanded 4K.
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