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Topic: Automatic projector turn on
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I have Apple TV (generation) connected to a Ricoh PJ X2240 projector and I am looking for a solution so the projector automatically turns on when I activate the Apple TV.

I did some basic research and didn't find any way to update the HDMI-CEC / infrared settings on the Ricoh PJ X2240.

The goal is to simply use the Apple TV remote to turn on both at the same time.

I'm open to any suggestions.

p.s. Here's the Ricoh project page just in case you need additional info.
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This is not a typical feature of projectors to 'auto-wake on signal' because projector lamp life is significantly impacted by power on/off cycles and it takes such a long time for a warm up and cool down cycle to occur.

Other than getting a proper universal remote I don't have any ideas for you that are economical.
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