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Topic: Connectivity options on a NEC M282X
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At the present, we have a NEC M282X projector on a cart connected to a pc via VGA cable and both connected to an extension cord going to the wall. The pc isn’t connected to anything; it holds several versions of PPT presentation with lots of videos used in classes.

We plan on mounting the projector to the ceiling. The manual details various connecting options available but it all gets a little complicated for me... Ideally we would only connect power to the projector and do away with cables to the pc or, better yet, do away with a pc altogether.

Can this be done with that projector? I appreciate any help, thank you.
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Not really. Run wires. It's not that hard to run wires and it is vital to the quality of the video you will be seeing.

If you want to eliminate the PC, forget it. You don't throw your PC in the trash with a computer monitor, and you can't with a projector either. It's NOT a computer, it's a projector.

With that said, if you want some options, you could try a PC stick like this one.

There are other options which are cheaper or pricier, but performance is heavily price based. To view/run PowerPoint, a copy of Office will need to be installer, or an appropriate PowerPoint viewer.
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