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Topic: Install Overhead Projector
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Hello forum. The situation is,just started a church, with little to no funds, picked up on a used projector and screen. So give it to me straight, how high and the distance from the screen should I install it?
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You didn't say how big the screen was or what your mounting options are.

In all fairness, that's a horrendous projector and is severely outclassed by models costing just a few hundred dollars today.

Make sure it works completely before you put any labor into it whatsoever. Hook up a current laptop and ensure it throws a proper image.

It will not accept any digital video connection like HDMI, DisplayPort, or similar as used on modern video devices, but fortunately it has a VGA connection which many computers still support (but not all).

It's not widescreen, and it likely has zero support. You may be able to get aftermarket lamps, but watch the price tag on them.

Epson has projectors which are over five times brighter, higher resolution, with inexpensive (under $100) replacement lamps for just a few hundred dollars.

If everything works out, and you can hang this properly then the spot where you hang the projector will be in relation to the screen size you have.

The calculator can be found here:

Hopefully you didn't pay for this projector in any way and it was donated.
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