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Topic: Projector screen size
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Greetings to everyone, this is my first topic on this forum so if I posted in the wrong section or if I said anything against the politics of the forum i apologize.
So I got my projector from a friend that doesnt want it anymore and instaled it at home. The screen size is about 98" with every adjustement set up to be as big as possible. I got a "problem" tho the flatscreen i got is for 108 inches as it looks not as good as i thought with the 98" my projector displays. Is there anything i can do to increase the display size for about 7-9"? Is there any other lens for the benq w1000+ I can buy online to increase the size?
Thank you very much in advance and Im happy to be here.
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For a 108" diagonal screen size you need to have at least 12.5 feet from the lens to the screen. There is no way to make the 108" diagonal without at least that 12.5' distance.

Check here:

If you don't have at least 12.5 feet to work with, then you may want to try a mirror bounce, which can be tricky to setup. That is, point the projector at a first surface mirror, or mylar mirror and bounce it at the screen. Point the projector at the BACK of the room towards the mirror and the mirror towards the screen. This is tricky to set up, but it effectively can increase you range to what you need it to be. So, if your room is only 12 feet deep (about 11 feet from the lens to the screen) you turn the projector backwards and move it a foot from the mirror. The mirror is now nearly on the back wall and the projector is a foot from the wall. That means you total throw distance would be about 13 feet, which would fill a 108" diagonal.

There are no effective add-on lenses available for projectors. It would be cheaper to buy a new projector than get a proper add-on lens.

This is one of the reasons BenQ switched to a shorter throw distance with their newer entry level models. The W1070, then the HT2050 and HT1070 both can hit a 108" diagonal from about 9 feet away instead of 12.5 feet.
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