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Topic: Assistance In Choosing new projector for auditorium
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Hey guys (and gals),
We are in need of a new projector in our Auditorium. We currently have a BoxLight (probably 8+ years old), maybe around 3-3500 lumens). The video board is beginning to go bad (giving a green hugh through all inputs and when powering on).

Use: for School Chapels, Church Services, Videos, Powerpoints, Announcements, specials, etc.
Mount: Ceiling Upside Down
Screen: 10' width
Throw: 21 feet
Light: 10 stainless windows (5 on each side)

I talked with box light early today and they recommended me to you guys for help and assistance. I was hoping to replace this week, as we have a big Christmas musical this weekend, with videos, and slides and the green hugh is annoying...I would prefer to stay around the $1,000 range if at all possible...

Help and input is greatly appreciated!
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The biggest item you will be fighting is the size and the ambient light in the room. Your throw distance is good for the size.

The size is a bit larger than standard, but not by much.

I am assuming your current projector is a 1024x768 resolution projector, which is not very high by today's standards, but because it is likely not widescreen, you can save a bit of money on a similar resolution projector today instead of going to a widescreen model.

Here is the list of all projectors between $500 and $1,500 which will work with a 21' distance from lens to a 120" wide screen.<g=&ll=&mfg=&p=500&p=1500&wr=&dt=1.0.0&t=&pjl=0&pjw=0&pjh=0&td=21&is=120&i=w&tr=&tr2=&oop=1&sort=brt&sz=15

This list is sorted by brightness, and right at the top is a model I would consider immediately.

It is 5,600 lumens, likely matches your current resolution of 1024x768, and fits your throw distance.

The first model that is actually under $1,000 is this one:

It's 30% less bright for that savings, and while it may be fine for portable use, it's not the one I would use.

I've gotta throw out there, that if you have this projector in use week after week, for years at a time, then a $1,000 budget is VERY low for your desires and needs. Over a five year lifespan, that works out to about $4 a week. That's not much of a budget when you consider how much use it may have and that people will need the most from it.

But - I do feel like that first model on the list would serve you well at only $1,250.
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I actually had just looked at that one...Found a great deal on one locally...guy is actually going to ship it to me for $15 over night shipping and I'll get it tomorrow! Looking forward to getting in hand and getting it installed!

Thanks for the help!