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Topic: color uniformity (grey scale) solution?
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Unfortunately, I simply have no experience with running black and white through LCD systems. I will ask if you've tried projecting onto the wall or something other than your screen to ensure that your screen isn't causing the issue by reflecting the light waves differently.

If upgrading ends up being a requirement, then the Epson 3100 is a step up, and the Sony HW45ES, then the Epson 5040UB. I would be sure to buy from a location that has a generous return policy.

If I had some to test that were LCD right now and new, I would do so, but I can't help you out.
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Same issue with Epson projectors. When viewing all white screen, projected image shows non-uniformity of hue, varying in color temperature (warm to cool).
My uneducated guess would be a variance of as much as +/- 1000 K from the intended white.
I've tested and returned three different hc3020 units and most recently testing an hc2040, all with the same issue, only differing in how the uniformity is distributed across the projected image.
I've spent countless hours with Epson tech support and was told that this is a defect.
Could the issue be related to the convergence/alignment of the 3LCD optics?
I don't understand these things so maybe someone who does could chime in on this.
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I was told it is NOT a defect. But I was given no guarantee which model would be better. And from googling this it seems Epson isn't the only culprit. But I can't get any solid info online about which models don't have this problem. I'm out of warranty, so at this point I'd have to sell my model used and buy another.
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