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Topic: Screen and projector vs TV/monitor in sanctuary
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It is time for and upgrade and the idea of getting two 55+" screens for each side of the sanctuary instead of a motorized screen and new projector for a ceiling mount has been proposed. Any thoughts on pros and cons of this approach?

I'm worried about TV lifespan myself. Our projector is getting 5-7 years old so if we're installing a projector on the ceiling I'm recommending a new one. I'm also worried that were not gaining readability with two TVs. The screen would be a larger screen to replace a really old manual screen on the wall that doesn't look so great.

For more details: infographic video
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While it really depends a great deal on the size of the sanctuary, my greatest concern is the visibility of what is being viewed.

A flat panel display should be fine for 7+ years, but at 55" text will generally be far too small for general viewing. A typical family views a 55" TV from about 10 feet away. In a sanctuary, people will likely be much further away than that. Perhaps 30 or 40 feet away. Even the front row viewers are likely to be unable to use such a small screen effectively.

The general recommendation is to go as large as feasible in your space and then light it with as bright of a projector as your budget allows. I would stick with LCD for the added brightness it offers.

A 110" diagonal screen is four times the size of a 55" LCD, and will be viewable from a much greater distance.
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