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Topic: speaker help
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Hi I am about to buy my 5.1 or 7.1 system and need some help.
I am looking for something that would sound nice with games movies and music. I have a onkyo system right now that is 7.1 with medium plastic speakers. would upgrading to i was thinking polk 5.1 speakers with 2 floor standing towers make a difference? Also is there a really big difference between entry model polk and rti line. or is it more appearance? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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There isn't a lot of traffic on Projector Central for speaker specific questions. You may want to try reading up the articles at Audioholics and asking on their forums. You may be able to use the existing Onkyo receiver and get some decent speakers, but it's important to go to stores and listen to as many speakers as you can to get some idea of what may be out there.

I couldn't believe the jump in audio quality I had going from my original Kenwood cheap speakers to my Definite Technology speakers on my 'cheap' A/V receiver. So much quality depends on the speakers, and they can be very different from each other.
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