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Topic: Mit HC3000 vs Optoma H79
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hi there-

i'm putting together a small movie-watching room (10' x 15' -- not a theater) and am trying to decide which projector to get. at first i was thinking of the sony vpl-hs51, but more recently was thinking of getting the optoma h79 after reading very good reviews of it. one of the requirements that both of those projectors meet is that they're quiet (which matters since they'll sit either on a coffee table in front of us or on a shelf above and behind us).

now i'm hearing some nice things about the mitsu hc3000 and am wondering whether they're comparable and if so whether i should wait for the hc3000 instead of the h79. i can tolerate the price difference between the two, though of course there's no point in paying much more if there's only a little difference. any thoughts would be welcomed. thanks,

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Well the Optoma H79 is rated as the best PJ on Projector you can't go wrong with it. I'ld take it over anything else. The HC3000 is a great PJ as well, but it's good for a low budget PJ. The H79 is miles above it.
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