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Topic: EPSON lamp pj on vertical position
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Hi, I got a question and need your help.
I am setting my Epson HC 5040UB on my attic, which has a sloping roof. Due to the limited height where I am going to mount the projector, my plan is to install the projector vertically, make the lens towards up, then i am going to add a mirror on the roof. Hopefully, the image will display on the vertical wall towards the roof.

My question is, what is the consequence when I mount lamp projector especially epson lamp projector vertically? Is there be any chance that the lamp bulb will die? Any suggestions if I had to put the 5040UB vertically?

Thanks in advance!
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Typically, this is not recommended for a projector and may void the warranty as it could impact cooling and lamp life.

From page 163 of the manual:
"Do not operate the projector on its side, or while tilted to one side. Do not tilt the projector more than 3°
forward or back."

There are some projectors which are designed for this, but not this model. That doesn't mean that you can't do it, but it isn't recommended and Epson gives no explanation as to what may occur.
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