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Topic: Which Da Lite HD Progressive gain for Panasonic AE8000
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Hello. I have a Panasonic AE8000 and I'm getting a new screen. I have a Da Lite 1.3 gain screen now and the contrast is pretty week. I'm thinking about going with a lower gain screen and I'd like the Da Lite HD Progressive, since I will be buying a 4k projector eventually. What gain would you recommend for a 125" 2.35:1 screen in a darkened room with this projector? Thank you.
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I would really consider the room as the determining factor for any screen purchase, but if I were investing in a screen, then I would also take a serious boost up in projector quality because the AE8000 is extremely dated, and is well put under the table by projectors like the Sony HW45ES or the Epson 5040 models.

If you are set on a screen, then you need to seriously consider your room. Lights out is a family room or a cave. They are very different things. A theater is always - dark walls, dark ceiling, dark carpet, dark furniture. Home theater often is a long way from that. So, what is your paint like? You walls, ceiling and carpet?

If you aren't theater dark, then a grey .7 to .9 screen may be the way to go. If your theater is completely dark, and you have a decent screen, then it may be time to go to a projector which can deliver better black levels.

It should also be noted that if you are starting to run high on lamp hours, the contrast will be completely worthless. The difference between a lamp with 1,500 hours and a new lamp could easily be the difference between you being happy and being very upset with your viewing. Especially if you feel like it looked a lot better 'before'.
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