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Topic: Buying a new house, Home Cinema possible in 8ft(w)x15ft(l)x10ft(h) room?
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Projectors have nothing in the way of usable speakers. Better models have no speakers at all.

So, you typically buy an A/V receiver. The A/V receiver acts as the 'hub' you mentioned. All your HDMI connections go to the A/V receiver. It processes the surround sound and sends it over wires to speakers in the room. A typical setup may be 5.1, which is a front left, center, front right, surround left, surround right speaker (that's the 5 in 5.1) and one subwoofer (that's the 1 in 5.1).

So, the A/V receiver sends audio out to the speakers, and then passes video on to the projector on a single HDMI connection out of the receiver, up to the projector. Common manufacturers in the USA are Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, Pioneer, Onkyo, and others. Not sure what is available locally to you, but even entry level receivers sound pretty good. Speakers and the quality and sound of the speakers is far more important to the sound of your system, and a good subwoofer is critical for movie viewing.

4K is very early right now. I expect that we will see real improvements with the projectors, chips, and standard formats supported over the next few years. I don't think Epson is the 'best' for sure. The best, IMO, may be Sony with their $5,000 true 4K projector. But, there is still room for improvement even from them. Epson makes a very solid model with the 5040, and the Sony HW45ES hits a VERY nice balance of performance to cost right now which I think is really ideal for your type of setup. That is, you can use it for 5 years or so until the 4K market really solidifies and standardizes, then you can buy a 4K projector that actually delivers more performance and handles all the standards available for under $3,000.

If looking for a good mid-level projector though, the Epson 5040 is no slouch. It's just not true 4K either, and with a 100" diagonal and a viewing distance likely to be over 10', you won't see huge improvements from added resolution. Still, both models are great choices and if the price is close enough for you, then you should be very happy with either model.
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thank you, that reply really makes it make more sense for me

i take it sound waves wont make a retractable screen move?

i will look into a good a/v surround sound sytem asap. pin it to walls behind an accoustic screen and get a projecter and i should be good to go!

walls are white though so they might need to be painted

is there a dial on projectors to change size from 96 inches to 100 for e.g?
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