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Topic: STR-169120 Silver Ticket 120" Vs DIY Screen
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So, I'm in the process of setting up my first home theater in my basement and just pulled the trigger on a BenQ HT2050 and was wondering whether spending $250 is worth it for the STR-169120 Silver Ticket 120" screen or if going the way of a DIY screen is most cost efficient while getting pretty close to the quality of the Silver Ticket. I keep seeing posts about how people spent less than $100 to make a DIY screen but at the same time I appreciate the quality of a well made screen such as the Silver Ticket.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I'm by no means an expert, but have experience with DIY as my last HT setup was a painted screen. I followed this guide:$100.htm

In my opinion you definitely lose on image quality, as much as anything because over time a painted wall can get marked, chipped or dusty. It was still very pleasant viewing to begin with but I'm definitely going with a fixed screen in my new house.
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A DiY screen can look every bit as good as a store bought screen, but you have to put a fair bit of time into doing it right.

Things like the borders are often poorly implemented on DiY screens. People often think that the screen surface is all that matters, then they end up with a white wall with no proper frame around it to soak up light over spray and increase perceived contrast. Then they may make a border out of cheap materials.

A painted screen on a good flat surface (rarely drywall) can be great, but may get marks on it at some point, which may require a repaint. Not really a big deal if you are fine with that and are willing to put in the time and effort.

I made a screen once in my life. A 100" diagonal out of blackout cloth. It looked great. I made a frame by wrapping velvet around baseboards and putting on top of the screen surface.

Took me about 10 hours total to put it all together.

It takes me a lot less time and effort to earn a few hundred bucks to buy a screen today that I can break down to move in the future if I ever want/need to.

I'm not sure a DiY vs. commercial (cheap) screen looks any different if done well. But, the time and effort against your skill set will make a big difference.
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