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Topic: Best Entry Level Projector
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Any ambient light will harm a projection image pretty significantly. If the intent is to use a projector during the daytime, your image will take a hit regardless of model.

Screen size will also impact the amount of light you have on screen at any moment.

I would go up to the Epson 3100 if you have ambient light issues to deal with and must get an Epson. The other models I wouldn't consider. If I had to, I would go with the 2150 as it is the newest of their models. But, I wouldn't buy it myself. I would get the 3100 if I needed more light, but would probably stick with the BenQ HT2050 and just get some better curtains.

Remember the last theater you went into that had white walls, or a white ceiling, or windows? ... Exactly.
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Thanks. I will settle for BenQ HT2050
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I own the 2150st and love it. But I'm more than ready for a 4k version of the 2150st now. And man is it frustrating. All these new 4k projectors like the Optoma 60 & 65. I'd love to get the 65, but my throw is 7-8 feet for 120" screen from a cabinet(80's tv stand with the backing removed). Don't like crap hanging from my ceiling. This works so much better IMO.
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