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Topic: Optoma EH300 - How to see firmware version?
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Hello everybody,

I'd like to find out if it is possible to know the current firmware version which is running on a Optoma EH300 projector.

I have installed two of these devices in a room. After having updated the firmware on both to make them react to the orders sent out from a software platform, it turns out that one of them does it but not the other.

On the website, I've applied for the update file, indicating the devices' serial numbers. After that, I've received an e-mail with a link which initiates the download of the executable file.

All this process is carried out without showing any information about the firmware version, neither the previous one nor the upgraded one. In the menu I don't found any option to display this data. However, as it seems likely to me that there is some configuration aspects that are not the same on both devices, I'd like to ask you if anyone knows a way to display the firmware version to check out if it's the same on both projectors.

Thank you very much for your attention and for your answers.