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Topic: Need suggestions for fulldome projectors
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Hi Everyone,


I am Saurabh from India. I am working on a portable planetarium dome to show various immersive multimedia content meant for projection on a spherical screen. It will be a digital projection dome (hemispherical shape) of 7 meter diameter and height will be around 5 meter. This size of a dome will have screen size of around 77 square meter (entire inner surface of the hemisphere).

I request experts to advise me on the suitable projector for this requirement. Some of the technical requirements are, brightness around 5000 lumen, contrast above 5000:1, WUXGA resolution, throw distance around 15 feet, screen size around 75 square meter (polar projection on spherical screen). Is there a projector available for such application.

I am attaching a pics for understanding.

What I learnt in my search is that such set-up requires a fisheye lens to be attached. I am preferably looking for single channel projection set-up as this dome will be a portable dome.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions.

With regards,
Saurabh Sharma


Single Channel Dome Projection

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