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Topic: VGA or HDMI for wd8700u?
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Hello all!

I have two wd8700u projectors at the front of our worship area, both being mirrored from a vga source (sent via 5-bnc). I'm looking at adding a video switcher and would like your opinions on whether it would be worth it to switch the signal to the projectors from VGA to HDMI? I would have to buy some HDMI over BNC extenders to do so.

The projector's native resolution isn't that high, so I'm not sure if there's any benefit.

Thanks in advance!

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The biggest thing right now is that more and more you won't be finding sources which have VGA connectivity on them.

You aren't going to find any reliable HDMI over 5-BNC extenders that I am aware of anymore. They have been pretty much displaced by HDMI over CAT-5e/6 cabling solutions.

Is it worth it?

Well, if you can get a cat-5/6 cable to the projectors, then yes. HDMI extenders over cat-5 are relatively inexpensive.

But, VGA stuff is super cheap and readily available on eBay for next to nothing these days.

VGA and HDMI do not carry higher resolutions than one another. HDMI is just digital the entire way which is less prone to noise. It is often a 'cleaner' image at the display, regardless of resolution.
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