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Topic: Cable box coax to HDMI
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You really do have a lot of options. Cat extenders are extremely popular and a common Amazon product. The ones which include Ethernet seem to have kind of dried up, which sucks. But, they were also a bit more expensive. It's very common to pull 2 or 3 pieces of cat cabling to any display these days by installers because of the incredible versatility of that cabling.

This is true HD we are talking about though, so you will be properly impressed with the quality of the video received. It's not compressed or anything, just great looking HD video.
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I went with a $60 amazon HDMI over LAN extender that was advertised to work over a router.

It is compressing and uncompressing the signal, but if there is any loss I can't see it on a 220 inch screen, it looks great.

It does disable my internet over the two cheap routers it hits when its plugged in, but given that it is for my outdoor projector that isn't used everyday I am fine with keeping it unplugged when not in use. It works plug and play so just replugging it starts it right up, and unplugging it kicks the internet back on. I could run a seperate cable or try a pair of gigabit managed switches with a VLAN to isolate it from the routers but for now it is a more than adequate solution.

Thanks for the help.
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