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Topic: Need your help to work out type of projector for Animation at Arts Festival
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So, the 3700, is similar to the 6700 in AU. I believe they are the same model.

The 1440 appears to be the 2245...

As you move down the list into the Large Venue category, you really will get some very nice projectors.

That includes the model you linked to. The main benefits start to come from the sheer horsepower of the light output. The obvious tradeoff will be contrast. Bright projectors simply lose their black level floor. They are designed to pump out light and fill a very large screen, typically in less than ideal circumstances. This is a pretty big tradeoff if you really want better black levels and don't really need the lumens as much as you need the contrast.

For reference: A normal boardroom needs about 80 lumens (advertised) per square foot of screen space. Or about 4000 lumens to fill a 120" diagonal screen. This will give them about a 12:1 contrast ratio under normal florescent lighting.

In the dark, you only need about 15 to 18 real world lumens per square foot. About 1/3 to 1/4 of that under florescent lighting, and if the room/space is dark enough, you can easily achieve contrast ratios beyond 1,000:1.

The advertised contrast ratios really are garbage because of how much the environment plays into everything. It is a good indicator that black levels will be much higher between a 25,000:1 and a 5,000:1 projector, but in no world is either a realistic number.
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