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Topic: Old Ask Proxima C160 Firmware
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I have resurrected some old ASK proxima C160 projectors, and I'm searching for the latest firmware for them. 753-0339-09

I have contacted inFocus that made them and they were very helpful in trying to track it down but were not successful because of the age of the projector.

This is a long shot but does anyone here have access to the old C160 firmware verion 753-0339-09? It should be from December 2004 I think.

I have tried accessing using the waybackmachine but the 753-0339-09 version download needs registering and since that webpage is no longer alive, registration and download is impossible.

So, anyone ever tinkered with these and happen to have firmware 753-0339-09 on an old hard drive somewhere?

All the best