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Topic: PT-D5700 bulbs in a PT-D5600?
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The Panasonic PT-D5600 and PT-D5700 are very similar projectors. Physically the same, with very similar specs, apart from the light output and a few firmware tweaks.

So, my question, for anyone in the know - is it possible to put bulbs for a 5700 into a 5600, thus turning the 5600 into a 6000 lumen projector? From what I can tell the bulbs are physically the same, and have the same power consumption, so shouldn't be a problem with additional heat generation.

[If anything the brighter bulbs might even be cooler, since they are drawing the same power and delivering more light output, therefore less heat output to keep the power equation balanced]

I would welcome opinions from anyone who may know the answer to this.