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Topic: HD29Darbee throw distance and Screen Gain/FL doubt
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In MOST projectors, a bit further is better, but the BenQ models seem to be a bit happier a bit closer. So, about 1/4 of the way back from the closest point would be my recommendation if that works. So, if you had a range of 10 to 15 feet, I would shoot for about 11-12 feet lens to screen.

As for 'zoom' - It is a zoom lens. You zoom in, you zoom out, you zoom in the middle. There is no 'using zoom' or 'not using zoom' with a zoom lens. But, the degree of how much you zoom in, or zoom out, does impact image quality. On a good projector, it should not significantly impact image quality, and that should be the case with the 2050.
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Thank you very much, your explanations and suggestions have been very helpful. Now wait for the projector to arrive.

Thanks again!!
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