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Topic: LG HF80JA Impressions
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Has anyone had the chance to try one of these new LG laser projectors? they're already available to buy, but I've found no reviews or opinions about it so far!
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No reviews I have seen yet. From what little I was able to dig up, it seems somewhat similar to the PF1500U, but a bit brighter. The contrast of the .47" Pico 1080p chip from DLP does not compete with their larger .65" chip which is used on the far more common lamp based models.

I would probably get the higher contrast & brightness of something like the BenQ HT2050 over this model if the portability wasn't an issue. The lamps of the lamp based models are hitting 5,000+ hours pretty consistently, and lamps are about $250. So, yes, it will cost you about the same over 20,000 to buy replacement lamps, but it will look better the entire time, and if you don't replace as many lamps, it will cost you less overall.

On models like the Epson 2045, where lamps are $100, it almost makes no sense to spend more to get less with a model like this LG.
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