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Topic: Projectors go to source search on black screen
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Hi, this is a general question not according to a specific projector.

I often have a problem that projectors go to "source search" if the output of the graphic card is a black blank screen

Is this a typical behavoiur?

I know, i can solve the problem by sending out a dark grey screen instead of pure black.

But i just want to know if this is true.

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This is a menu option. Source select is set to 'auto'. It can be disabled in almost every projector I have ever seen.

It doesn't go to source select because the image is black. It goes to source select because the computer goes to sleep and actually is not putting out any video. A black video image is still a video image and has sync on it. The loss of video sync due to a computer falling asleep indicates 'no signal' and actually drops sync on the HDMI cable completely.

If you don't want the projector to auto-input search, then find where it is set in the menu settings.

It is very common for this to be 'ON' with projectors out of the box, but it is almost always an option which can be turned off. My BenQ was set this way. I've seen a number of Epson and Panasonic projectors set this way as well.
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