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Topic: Epson 3000 VERY loud fan noise
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I purchased an Epson PowerLite 3020 almost a year ago or so. I had multiple problems with it and they ended up sending me four different replacement units, over the course of 9 months. I realize that that number is very excessive and in my entire life I have not had this many problems with any sort of electrical device whatsoever. The last unit that they sent me is a Epson 3000. It has worked fine for about for five months now and only has about 400 hours on the bulb. About a week ago I started to get a very very loud fan noise, much louder than a refrigerator and about half the loudness of a air dryer if that makes sense. I have changed the settings to eco-with auto Iris off and I'm still getting the same problem. I have removed the air filter and vacuumed out that area and there does not seem to be any dust in there and the filter is clean. All of the lights on the projector are lit up blue so it does not seem like it was overheating. It is not hot to the touch either. It is mounted above my couch with about 18 inches of clearance from the ceiling and there is an air conditioning vent which is actually blowing cold air about 2 feet behind it. At this point, this is my fifth projector overall from Epson and this is becoming incredibly frustrating. In addition, I have changed HDMI cables, power cables, my cable box, receiver and tested the amperage of the outlet and it is completely normal. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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There is nothing you should be doing of this nature. The projector clearly has something wrong with it. What's very surprising is that you are having so many issues with Epson as they are generally considered a reliable brand. Still, it sounds like you are still within warranty, and it certainly seems like getting this resolved with them is the only way to go.

What a headache though! I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with this and I hope they are treating you well.
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