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Topic: Need some help with Synelec LM-1000 system
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Hy, anyone familiar with the Synelec screen wall systemst? Recently I salvaged some Synelec LM-1000 v4.0 projektors with UM-1000 v2.0 controll boxes. Sorta fixed them, they working now, but can't make them projekt the images right, the screen is shifted sideways on 60Hz if I put it in 59Hz mode the shift is less.
Probably the problem is that it only has a 9 pin RGB connector: R+RGround, G+GGround, B+BGround, Hsync+Vsync+syncGround, and none for auto detection, also there is no autoscan function on the box. So what I need is the correct image format, its 1024*768 thats sure but the right sync frequencies I'm not sure. Or if someone can send me a manual for it that would be awesome. Any help is appreciated, thanks!