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Topic: Da-Lite Fast Truss Screen Projector Combo
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We are purchasing two new Da-Lite 35496 Fast-Fold Standard Truss Projection Screens 237" (10 x 17') for our traveling continuing education conferences. I'm leaning toward a rear project screen surface and short throw projector for a couple reasons. First the clean looking setup have the projector in the rear. Second trying to find the best combo that will fit multiple venues... multiple sizes... ever changing layouts can be a headache.

Can someone give me some recommendations on projectors under $5000 that would be the best fit? I will need to stay below 6' of throw.

The other option would be a front projection setup with a projector/len(s) combo that will accommodate distances from 50' to 80'. Going this route, what would be the best portable mounting system to shoot overheads of walking people.

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Your screens are 170 square feet, and need a minimum advertised lumen rating of 80 lumens per square foot. That puts you at over 13,000 lumens as a minimum specification for acceptable use in a normally lit fluorescent lighting space.

There's nothing close to $5,000 which can do this properly if you want truly acceptable results.

The list of all models with ANY lens, starts at $15,000.<g=&ll=&mfg=&p=100&p=50000&wr=&dt=&t=&pjl=0&pjw=0&pjh=0&td=&is=&i=d&tr=&tr2=&oop=2&sort=%24&sz=15

Most projector manufacturers, while they offer short throw, don't offer the level of short throw you need for that size image, in any setup which is practical. The Panasonic UST lens is about $8,000 from what I recall, and is one of the few which is actually designed to do what you want.
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