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Topic: initial setup
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A facility which has some ambient light during the day, we want to be able to show movies and other video presentations to children. The facility is multipurpose and we will not be limited by a throw distance or obstacles except cost. We have very limited funds as this is a non-profit charity supporting these children approximately 200. I'm totally unfamiliar with this subject so don't know where to begin.

We hope to purchase a screen with a diagonal of 184" in a 16:10 aspect ratio. The projector brand we have not settled on but as I indicated, we will expect to have some ambient light after the windows have some room blackout shades. Where do we start and and please offer your suggestions.

Thank you
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You should look for donations locally.

A cheap television is $200. A 184" diagonal screen, purchased, will likely be well over $200.

Entry level projectors, of the lowest quality, from major manufacturers are typically well over $200 and can't support a screen that large.

Epson has some of the best deals out there in their refurbished section:

Their absolute cheapest refurb model is $335.

It likely has about 2000 real world lumens, and can handle an image diagonal of about 120" at most. More like 100" in a typical room with florescent lighting.

For a 180" screen you are talking well beyond what is in a typical boardroom or theater and it will require about twice the light output, which will run well beyond what entry level models offer.


Which is very inexpensive for a 6,500 lumen projector.

I think that the budget and expectations both need to be re-evaluated for the situation at hand.
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