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Topic: Newbie Looking Projector Help
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Quote (AV_Integrated on Feb 8, 2020 3:18 PM):
Why are you responding to a post which is from 2016? It's 2020 now! Of course there are projectors which have dropped in price. Especially with all the 4K stuff which has come to market.

Let's add... that Wowoto P5 is a piece of junk in the world of real projectors and hopefully nobody considers it until it is reviewed by a reputable website.

I removed the spammy advertising link.

Thank you so much for doing that. I am getting inundated on my YT channel with those garbage projectors. I have to delete 3-4 spam posts daily.

I keep waiting for someone to send me a broken one to show how truly bad they are.

Somewhere I have a set of pictures from one of those old '1080 DIGITAL DESIGN' projectors that use a single metal halide arc tube with a single LCD panel. It was one of those, "Marked down from $3500 to $800!" deals...
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