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Topic: Projector for a very lighted room/gymnasium
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Hello, I currently am teaching music at a high school. We are designing a show and would love to be able to use two rear projection screens and projectors. Since we practice in a gym the room is fairly lighted and will need to be designed for a well lit setting. The screen wouldn't be any bigger than 15ft. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with this and could maybe suggest lumen size or any other suggestions. Thank you!
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To achieve a real world contrast of about 12:1 you want no less than 80 lumens per square foot of screen size.

This isn't really a 'cheap' option. Typical screens for boardrooms and home theater typically are 120" diagonal, so you are talking about a screen of nearly twice that area. It will be significantly larger and require more light.

You also need to consider, with rear projection, how much room you actually have and what type of screen you are using. A short throw lens, with a projector with enough light for a screen that size could easily run $20,000+.

Most schools, when building out an auditorium, have a consultant design and specify a proper projection setup and include it as part of the cost. Typically, this is part of a long-term installation and often requires professional installation.

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I would only use widescreen projectors, but you should be looking at no less than 8,000 lumens, and expect a price of $5,000+ for this as a starting point.
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There are many available projectors online if you prefer cheap or an expensive one with awesome features that suit your needs. Indeed, if you want the best, you should be willing to spend more.