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Topic: Interchangeable color wheels?
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I am a classroom teacher. I was given a Viewsonic PJ506D with a burned out lamp. After bulb replacement, it worked fine for many months until one day the color wheel went "pop" and shattered. It's gray scale only now.
The OEM color wheels are pretty expensive. I looked the wheel up and it's 4 segment, Viewsonic OEM part number E-00009053, and reference P/N P8343-1016.

My question: are the color wheels themselves interchangeable between manufacturers? That is, would a 4 segment wheel from another manufacturer work? I am comfortable taking a different manufacturer's wheel out of its housing and moving it to mine, assuming it will fit. (Have worked with electronic devices for many years.)

How can I find out if any cheaper color wheels are compatible? Thanks!
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Welcome to the stupid world of projectors.

The bottom line is that most manufacturers don't publish actual generic part numbers, they MAY use standard stuff, but there is not really a 'standard stuff' out there.

So, while most fans are in fact generic PC fans, they aren't labeled as such and can be tough to replace. Getting a replacement DLP engine can be tricky. Getting a new color wheel is just a sucky process.

I just offered you zero help, and I apologize, but this is the frustrating world of projector repair that some attempt. My general philosophy is to buy a replacement model. Yay, for lousy advice.

It is worth saying, this is a 10 year old design and is basically worthless.

Epson (and BenQ) have online outlets which can get you projectors with brand new lamps, and parts inside which are under warranty for $300 with better specifications...

This model specifically jumps out as a significant improvement...
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