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Topic: Projector Advice
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Looking for some advice on a new projector for a training/classroom. We have about a $1000 budget and will be replacing an old Infocus in34. The room is rectangular in shape. Probably 30 feet long by 15 feet wide.

The old Infocus was ceiling mounted about 13 feet from the projection screen with about a 7-10 inch drop.

The room is in a basement and has standard office lights that are dimmable. No outside lighting.

I was looking at the Casio F210WN. I like the long life of the display technology and it seems to be able to zoom the image down to fit our projection screen at the distance we need.

Does anyone have advice on better projectors for this application?

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Screen size is needed to make recommendations for your throw distance.

The Casio projectors seem nice, but are dim and have had some reliability issues I have heard.

Not sure if your screen is 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. The whole world has moved to 16:9, so buying a 4:3 projector makes absolutely no sense anymore.

The IN34 was a 4:3 model, so I expect you paired that with a 4:3 screen, and we are 10 years past the point where that is acceptable.

I would work from this list...<g=&t=&db=&dt=&c=&ar=Wide+%2816%3A9-10%29&dvi=&wr=&pjl=0&pjw=0&pjh=0&td=&is=&i=d&tr=&oop=1&sort=brt&sz=15

I would lean towards LCD models because they actually are brighter once calibrated than most DLP models.

In a typical conference room, you want a lot of brightness with good colors. Contrast ratio is almost meaningless because black levels are crushed by room lighting. Your goal should be about 80 to 100 lumens minimum per square foot of screen space.
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