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Topic: Buying a Projector - need help deciding
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I am looking to buy a projector and need help finding one that meets our needs. While I understand the different features, I don't know what is more important to look at for what we need.

Mostly the projector will be used for presentations with some videos. My main need is need brightness and color accuracy. We have done presentations with the projector anywhere from 6' to 15' away from the screen. We would like to stay under $1000

Any help would be appreaciated
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You really are looking at anything from a vast array of entry level models. I would stick with a major manufacturer with plenty of light output.

I put the price up to $1,100, but this is the list I would go through.<g=&t=&db=&dt=&c=&ar=Wide+%2816%3A9-10%29&dvi=&wr=&pjl=0&pjw=0&pjh=0&td=&is=&i=d&tr=&oop=1&sort=brt&sz=15

There are no clear winners/losers here. Just avoid no-name models.

Stick with Sony, Acer, Panasonic, InFocus, Optoma, Eiki, BenQ, etc.
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