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Topic: Calculator and placement questions
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We need to mount a projector on a table or stand in front of the stage projecting to the wall 10 to 12 feet away. The screen will be mounted so that the bottom is 5 feet high. When I look at the projector calculator it shows some models have the ability to project from below the screen.
For instance here is on I am looking at.
But here is one that would be much better,but although it has lens shift it doesn't show that it can project from below the bottom of the screen and the documentation seems to show it only going to slightly above the bottom of the screen.
While we have a small church we have a lot of ambient light and need a high lumen projector and a throw ratio of around 1.2 or lower to be ideal to fill as much of the 120 inch wide screen as we can.

Can someone tell me if the Panasonic could, through keystone correction, project up to the screen so that it can be mounted low enough not to be in the line of sight.
Or if you can recommend another projector I haven't found yet.
This may have been covered somewhere else but I can't find it sorry if I missed it.
Thanks very much.
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These are the projectors which can hit your screen width of 120 inches with 11' from lens to screen...<g=&t=&db=&dt=&c=&ar=Wide+%2816%3A9-10%29&dvi=&wr=&pjl=&pjw=&pjh=&td=11&is=120&i=w&tr=&oop=1&sort=brt&sz=15

The Panasonic you linked would be my first recommendation.

It allows the image to be projected upwards at up to a 30 degree angle. This is not as ideal as lens shift, but it appears there is a great deal of range to it.

I'm not sure how low you want the projector in relation to the screen but this should allow you to get closer to the placement you are hoping for.

Typical church installation often uses long throw projectors located towards the back of the sanctuary. Another option is often ultra short throw models. Both options can be rather expensive to setup.
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Thanks so much. According to the specs the Panasonic has vertical lens shift. I just didn't know if it had enough to do what I need having never dealt with projectors before. Actually if there is focus issues between top and bottom we can just make the content more top-centric if you know what I mean. It will be mostly text, a few pictures and rarely video.
It could be a few weeks but Ill be sure to post my results.