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Topic: Projector and Bluray Player Color Depth
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Hello all.
I have purchase the following projector:

The projector supports 10 bit color depth, but is an HD projector and not a 4K projector.

I have read that only 4K bluray players and discs support the 10 bit color depth.
My questions are:
Should I buy a 4K player that can transmit 10 bit colors and play thru it HD and 4K discs? (knowing that the image will "only be HD")?
Should I buy an upscaling bluray player that has 10 bit capabilities?
Should I buy a regular bluray player for now and wait until 4K player prices will drop?
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To my knowledge, while many displays and projectors support 10-bit color, they really aren't capable of fully displaying it.

Certainly a decent Blu-ray player is nice, but I think you will be extremely happy with a lesser expensive model. Keep in mind the 3000, while a good projector, is very low mid-level. It's a long way from their 5030 (or upcoming 5040) or the JVC projectors which really have a lot more overall pop to the image.

The entire extended color palette is coming, but it is still a few years out from affordability, and for now, you can get by with a sub-$100 BD player with that projector and should be very happy with the results it delivers.
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