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Topic: Barco FLM 20K HD
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Barco FLM HD20
Projector Specs
Well we own Barco FLM projector 20 K with 2500 hours, recently we changed the Xeon lamp with new lamp with house, the question is why we don't get the pure white color any more although its new lamp with house from Barco, instead we are getting the white almost yellowish, we tried to contact Barco but we felt that they only trying to push us to buy new projector!!!

can someone help us with this matter please.
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They certainly have trained technicians to repair stuff like this.

My guess is that because you have a 3-chip DLP that it is using polarizers and one of them is starting to fail. Much like a LCD, with 3-chip DLP models, the blue polarizer is likely using some organic material and is just starting to deteriorate.

If this were a $2,000 home theater model, I would recommend a replacement. But, with a very solid and pricey unit like yours, it should have the polarizer replaced and it shouldn't be impossible for a qualified technician to perform this maintenance.

What I'm not sure of is if they have onsite technicians, or if the unit must be pulled and sent out for service.

Don't have them sell you a new unit, tell them you want a service technician to evaluate and repair the expensive unit you have.

That said, much like owning a $80,000 car, don't expect this to be a cheap job.
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May be it is time for a new one.