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Topic: epson powerlight 4' from ceiling? realy?
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I don't understand why the projector has to hang down from the ceiling 3 or 4feet to center pic with 129" diagonal.8'6"ceiling hight.
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You will want to look up what 'lens shift' is on a projector. I will discuss it a bit below as well.

You do not need to have the projector centered on the screen top to bottom, you do want the lens centered left to right. If the projection calculator doesn't show a distance measurement, then it doesn't have a specific height the projector must be mounted at.

In the case of the 3000, the projector has lens shift, which means the projector can be moved up and down and still hit the screen properly.

So, if your screen is about 16" from the ceiling, the projector can be mounted with the center of the lens as much as 5 or 6 inches above the top of the screen. Which puts the center of the lens about 10" from the ceiling.

This is per the manual, pages 25-27.

If you have the projector a bit lower than that, say 12" or 14" from the ceiling, that works as well. If you have the projector a lot lower - say 40" from the ceiling... That works as well.

That's what lens shift gives you. Placement flexibility.
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