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Topic: Interactive (pen or touch) projector without needing special software?
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I haven't found a projector that allows me to plug in a computer and use touch and/or pen without a full software suite. I'd rather it use an HID driver or similar (kind of like Wacom tablets do on Windows).

The reason that I am looking for such a specific type of projector is because we have numerous guests connecting to our projectors with various laptops. We want them to be able to use the pen or touch features that are available nowadays but don't want them to be burdened with needing to download and install an application to do so.

I thought Epson was a good candidate but now am not clear. I can't tell if the NEC UM352W needs special software either. It looks like the Optoma eh320usti requires a software app on your computer.

Any help on finding a good projector is highly appreciated.