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Topic: Help with outdoor LED panel connection
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A friend of mine has a 1m x 1m LED outdoor panel and only the panel. We would like to put it in function but i've never seen this type of connections.

Signal connection is made through a 3 Pin round connector (see attachment). I've never worked with something like that. How can i send video to this panel from my laptop?

And the power cable is similar to that one but with 9 pins.

Can someone name the connection cables (need to buy them) and help me with this signal connection?

Thank you very much!


Signal connector

665 × 477 pixels (161.73 KB)
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While the connector looks like a modified XLR, you likely will need an external video processor to handle the video. Most LED video walls are very proprietary from the ground up. They are designed to be weather proof, and then they have a video processor which takes standard video feeds and then pushes it to the LED wall.

These can be very high dollar items, and I would contact the manufacturer if you can.
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Yeah, looks like a hybrid of DMX and BNC.

As AV_Integrated said, best contact the manufacturer (if they are still in business) and they should be able to give you some guidance. Most outdoor LED displays have an external video processor that is proprietary to the manufacturer, so being able to hook up your laptop directly to it is out of the question.