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Topic: Laser/Led Projector
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Hello Guys,

Does anyone have used these new Laser/led projector to share impressions with us?

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Depends on the use. Most LED models simply aren't bright enough to be meaningful in anything other than some home theater setups.

For commercial projection (churches, schools, businesses, etc.) laser projection is going to be the gold standard it seems.

I have seen several setups, and many lean to be a bit dimmer than expected, but Panasonic is making huge inroads as are some of the more boutique brands (Digital Projection) to deliver extremely bright images from laser diode arrays.

The image itself really ends up being similar to what traditional lamp based models have been giving us for years. They are basically all DLP based designs, so image quality is just very similar to what already has existed for years. But, the lack of any lamps to replace means that you can kind of set things up and then forget about it for long periods of time. It really helps to know that you aren't going to have a lamp fail halfway through a presentation. But, there's a significant premium up front with the laser based models that is difficult to swallow for many.
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