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Topic: 2D to 3D conversion
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I am currently looking for some information regarding 2D-3D conversion.

I notice there are more projectors that convert 2D-3D. I am aware content recorded in 3D will be much better. There are also Blu-ray players which convert 2D-3D.

Has anyone compared any projectors versus Bluray players doing the conversion? Is there a noticeable difference?

I am wondering this as there are many projectors that do 3D, but fewer which do the conversion. If a $100 Bluray player is more than capable of doing this conversion (OPPO is out of my price range), then I have more projectors to choose from. Currently, I am pondering the Epson HC2045.

Thank you
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2D to 3D conversion would generally just be handled by a set of math instructions. The level of quality of this conversion is generally not compared, but from most accounts is 'okay' at best. Tends to be fairly subtle.

I wouldn't buy ANY projector because of this feature, and if it is in a BD player, then I would look for it there, and focus on getting the best projector I could for the money I had.
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