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Topic: Projector needed - Minimum 5,000 lumens, 10,000:1 - 10' throw, 96" W x 72" H
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I'm in need of a projector that will be used in a trade show booth. The room is very bright. Throw distance is a maximum of 10'. Preferred screen size is 8' wide x 6' high, starting at 2' off the floor. Ideal projector location to accommodate booth configuration will be 8' off the floor. I was told that the projector will need a minimum of 5,000 lumens and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. Is this correct? This projector will mostly be used to show videos and photos and it will be shipped to various trade shows about 3 times per year. Is it possible to find a projector in the $1,200 - $1,500 range that will meet my needs? Thank you very much for your assistance.
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You will be lucky to achieve a 20:1 contrast ratio in a bright room using front projection. Black levels are created by having a dark room. So, if you have one lumen falling on your screen when there is no light, and you have a 48 square foot screen (6x8) then with a 5,000 lumen projector, the brightest areas would be 100 lumens. That would be a 100:1 contrast ratio.

You aren't going to have 1 lumen falling onto the dark areas of the screen in a 'bright' room. More like 5-10 lumens. So, a 20:1 or 10:1 contrast ratio may be all that you achieve.

I would strongly question why you would consider a 4:3 screen when nothing is 4:3 anymore. There may be some cost considerations, but almost all new projectors are 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.


The site has a search by feature function. For a 96" screen width, this is the list of models under $2,500 which can hit it from 10' lens to screen.

This is the model I would go with:

It has lens shift, it is widescreen instead of 4:3 and it should work as best you can hope for with your budget.

There is a similar 4:3 model, but as I said, 4:3 is dead.
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