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Topic: Help picking a new projector for sanctuary
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Hi all! Our church has been having problems with our current projector.. White pixals all over the screen and every week it has been getting worse. We are trying to pick a new projector but honestly don't know what we are doing.. Haha we currently are using a Mitsubishi xd560u lumens 3500 contrast 3000:1 throw distance 6.1-18.7 image size 39.8-200.4 native resolution 1024x768.
I am looking at a optima eh341 lumens 3500 contrast 2200:1 throw distance 4.9-32.8 image size 4.9-305.1 with a native resolution of 1920x1080.
Is optima a good brand? Should I be looking for a projector that has the same native resolution? I like that this one has the same connection (vga) so we won't have to go in the attic and run a new line.. Haha but am concerned that the resolution is different. I need to stay in the $750 or less range... Any advice would be sooooooi appreciated!!
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I heard a lot of good reviews about optima from their satisfied buyers. It seems that it's a good brand and give quality projection depends on the feature that you desires. The brand also boasts quality and that users could use it for a longer time.