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Topic: New youth stage setup help needed
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We are in the process of moving into our new gymnasium and I need help trying to figure out projector type and projector screen type to purchase for our gym. There is no ambient light. I want to do rear projection from about 10-15ft. Obviously the budget is small(It's Youth ministry,lol)Trying to stay under $1000 for everything. Looking to have at least a 5x9 screen and would like to do HD.

I want to be able to connect 2 computers to the projector.
I know that the lumens probably need to be above 3000 due to rear projection.
I was told that they have LED projectors, is this a better option?

Everything will be portable, seeing how we need to setup and tear down each week.

What are your recommendations on a projector? and material for a rear projection screen?


Where we will set up new Youth stage

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You can use almost any 16:9 projector. Don't get suckered in by advertised lumen ratings from manufacturer. Especially with DLP projectors. They tend to be way off.

For the money, on a projector, I might go with something like this:

The review indicates it can deliver about 3,000 lumens, if needed, put calibrates down to about 1,000 lumens in 'best' mode. So, you do have a range of quality available to you, and it fits your budget, and it is 1920x1080 native resolution (Full HD).

Rear projection will push the screen 10+ feet further into the room, so you will lose that space. You also will need a proper frame for the screen and the material as well as have a slight drop in image quality. This is why front projection is more commonly used, but that's up to you.

The Viewsonic I listed will hit a 120" to 133" diagonal from about 10 to 15 feet away. So, that fits your criteria.

There are a number of DiY rear projection materials, and you can even start with something as simple as a flat bed sheet.

But, Carl's Place is a common stop for the DiY screen maker:

Worth note that if you intend to build a screen yourself, they tend to bow towards the middle if weaker wood is used, and typically are braced on the back side, which is tough to do when you are rear projecting.

Elite also has some rear projection screens and materials...

Better yet, they have them on Amazon. 120" for about $230 and 135" for about $280.

I would probably get that Viewsonic...


Then the screen for $280.

That leaves you $120 for cables and whatever else you may need.
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Thank you for your response and information for me to research. I have been looking into the DIY screens and seen one even made from a shower curtain. But I want to provide the best possible picture and make sure it is durable enough to being set-up and taken down each week without ripping it.