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Topic: Sony MP-CL1
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Quote (StevenGarner on May 10, 2017 11:23 PM):
Nice topic, thanks!

You are welcome
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Hi Umer, You seems to be quite enthusiastic about this tiny projector. I have recently bought this mpcl1a to watch football primarily and then the movies and observing the following issues so far:
i. There is red tint on the color display. White is a bit dim due to reddish tint.
ii. Screen on the left side is not straight. I have played alot with keystones to get that right but so far no good.
iii. I am currently projecting it on the wall that is painted in cream color. I am looking for projector screen, i am not sure whether that would be beneficial or not or is there any DIY to get a better result than simply projecting it on the wall (and thats what brought me here eventually ).
iv. I have seen some videos on youtube regarding SI black diamond screens. Though that impressed me alot but i am still not sure whether they are made for this little projector.
Help will be highly appreciated.
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